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Behind us all lie weeks of severe personal and professional restrictions to slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of state governments evaluated the effectiveness of the measures yesterday and passed a resolution for gradual easing. It should be the goal of all of us to prevent new chains of infection and to keep the dynamics of the spread at a moderate level so that our health service can provide the best possible care for all infected persons.

The government's decision includes preventive and organisational measures to detect and track infection chains (targeted testing, digital contact tracing, increased health care personnel), as well as a series of regulations to slowly normalise public life and maintain or restore value chains. Schooling is gradually being resumed.

After weighing up various positions and evaluating several sources, the SHE Solution has decided to resume training courses in the DGUV and GWO area from 04.05.2020. The federal government and the Langer have declared that even during the pandemic, safe working in industry and medium-sized businesses should be made possible. Certificates of competence for working at heights and depths are systemically relevant in certain areas such as energy supply, waste management, telecommunications, etc. in order to ensure the operation and thus the supply of the population.

The maintenance or acquisition of a qualification necessary for commercial purposes represents a contribution to safe working and can be carried out under consideration of generally applicable rules of conduct.

The prohibition of perception for offers of private and public educational institutions refers to the leisure sector and does not include a prohibition for the certificates of competence which are necessary for the performance of commercial activities.

The most important aspect in containing the pandemic is the strict observance of rules of hygiene and conduct. Before each instruction the participants are made aware of the following rules of conduct:

  • Avoid physical contact
  • Maintaining the minimum distance of 1.5 meter
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Keep hands away from face
  • Compliance with the cough and sneeze label
  • Avoid confusion of working materials, glasses, crockery etc.
  • wear mouthguards

The practical part of the training (rescue and evacuation exercises) is carried out exclusively with a dummy in order to exclude direct physical contact.

In addition, the number of participants is reduced to a maximum of 4 participants, so that there is enough free space to keep the minimum distance.

It is expected that there will be an increased demand for instruction in the coming weeks. If you need an appointment at short notice, please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +49 5224 9393 850. We will try to make your desired appointment possible.

Stay healthy and let us continue to deal responsibly with this exceptional situation.


Your SHE Team

Enger, the 28.04.2020





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