Efficiency without compromise: SHE Multi Drive


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Abseiling, rescue lifting and working equipment according to the Machinery Directive (PAM) for rope work and rescue.

Benefit from the efficiency and ease of the multifunctional SHE Multi Drive. In contrast to proprietary solutions on the market, the SHE Multi Drive can be operated with any motor drive (cordless screwdriver). Save yourself unnecessary expenses and dependencies.


Tested and approved according to:

  • descender device according to EN341:2011 max. descending height (up to 2 persons) 160m
  • Equipment class A (100 kg), equipment class B (200 kg)
  • Rescue lifting device according to EN1496:2017
  • max. lifting height up to 160m (motor driven)
  • max. lifting capacity up to 200 kg (by means of lifting ratchet)
  • Working equipment according to machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • Can be operated with any motor drive
  • Lifting function manually with a telescopic lifting ratchet or by means of a hand wheel
  • Patented automatic backstop
  • Descent speed 0,8m/s


Simple - Safe - Versatile

Easy to use, safe to use, minimal training effort

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SHE Multi Drive 


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