FIVE-FOR-FOUR voucher weeks


Offers or discounts for training courses are usually available when you do not need training. 

We are now doing this differently: With our FIVE-FOR-FOUR voucher campaign, we offer you the following discounts for certain DGUV and GWO training courses a "price advantage" which you can use in the next 12 months.

Exactly when it suits you! 

Step 1: Order FIVE-FOR-FOUR Voucher

Simply order a FIVE-FOR-FOUR voucher from us. Each voucher has a code that makes it unique. This makes it clear that each voucher is only valid once and can be used exactly once.

Step 2: Plan, book and visit

Plan your necessary DGUV or GWO training over the next 12 months according to your requirements. Arrange a date for your training with us and attend it accordingly. 

Step 3: Pay for training

When it comes to paying for the training, the FIVE-FOR-FOUR voucher has its place: With the voucher you pay for the participation of 5 persons in the DGUV or GWO training you have conducted only the participation of 4 persons.


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