PPE against fall

Online Refresher Course

(theory section)

based on 

DGUV rule 112-198/199

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The theoretical training of the Online Refresher Course PPE against crashes complies with the requirements of DGUV regulations 112-198/199. After successful completion of the online course, the participants receive a certificate of theoretical instruction. The practical part has to be completed within 6 weeks after the theoretical instruction.

Duration of the course: approx. 3 hours

Course content:

  1. Legal basis DGUV rule 112-198 and 112-199
  2. Basics of fall physics, fall factor and impact force
  3. Innovations in the occupational safety concept for high-altitude workplaces
  4. Materials science
  5. Inspection of personal protective equipment against falls from a height
  6. Correct use of personal protective equipment against falls from a height
  7. Selection of anchor points EN 795
  8. Final test


  1. Minimum age 18 years

After graduation you will receive:

  1. Your personal certificate from the SHE Solution
  2. Confirmation in your security pass


Validity of the DGUV certificate from the date of successful completion of the practical part: 12 months

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