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The Working at Heights training complies with the specifications of the Global Wind Organisation.

The participants learn in theoretical instruction and practical application the correct use of personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PSAgA) for work under fall hazard in the wind energy industry. A GWO certificate is issued upon successful participation. The issue of a DGUV certificate is possible.

Duration of the course: 1 working day

Course contents
  1. Legal basis, user obligations
  2. Risks and hazards associated with working at height, with a particular focus of the activity environment on moving units
  3. Equipment - application, handling, maintenance and care
  4. Materials science
  5. Walking on climbing protection systems from different manufacturers
  6. Redundant procedures and safeguards when working at height
  7. Selecting and evaluating anchor points
  8. Procedures for self-rescue and external rescue (active and passive) from climbing systems, access installations and special activity locations; storage
  9. Evacuation from confined spaces
  10. Safe handling and use of fall arrest and rescue (lifting) equipment
  1. Physical and mental fitness.
  2. The completed 18th year of age.
  3. Valid identification documents (e.g. identity card).
  4. Valid occupational health proof of suitability for "activities involving the risk of falling" or medical self-disclosure

You will receive a certificate after the graduation:

  1. Your GWO certificate from the SHE Solution
  2. Confirmation in your security pass
  3. Your entry in the GWO WINDA database

Validity of the GWO certificate: 24 months

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