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We have taken a big step on the road to digital transformation with the development of our new training portal. Of course, it was also possible to book training courses online with the old solution. But de facto, at one point or another in the "process chain", i.e. from booking to issuing training certificates, there were always gaps and manual work was required. In addition, the administrative effort, for example for course offers or the management of course participants, was considerable and correspondingly error-prone.

With our new platform, we have eliminated the breaking points and reduced the administrative effort in an extreme way. At the same time, there are a number of features here that you are unlikely to find elsewhere in the field of training courses related to occupational health and safety. It should also be emphasised that the new training portal is also a training database. This allows our course participants to reproduce their personal certificate at any time, which is a good safeguard if the certificate issued after the course is damaged or lost. With 24/7 access, our course participants are on the safe side.


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