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Guided type fall arresterClimbtec CT-02

For access to wind turbines, radio and high-voltage masts, roofs or chimneys with permanently installed ladders, fall protection systems are used for fall protection.

The LMB safety ladders from Logaer Maschinenbau excel in particularly high areas of application where space is limited. Production is highly efficient, automated and fulfils the highest occupational safety requirements. The travelling fall arrester CLIMBTEC CT-02 was developed for the LMB rail and guarantees maximum running properties, enabling ergonomic ascent and descent.

The Climbtec CT-02 is connected to the user via the fall arrester eyelet of the harness. In the event of a fall, the CT-02 locks into the LMB rail and holds the person to be secured. The built-in shock absorber reduces the fall force to less than 6kN. An end safety device is fitted at the entry and exit points of the LMB rail to prevent the fall arrester from sliding out unintentionally.

The fall arrester and the LMB rail have been tested and certified by independent testing institutes. Both products have approval for current fixed ladders as well as for fixed ladders that have already been installed.

tested and approved

  • according to EN 353-1:2014 and A1:2017

  • for LMB fixed ladders Tr280 + CC and Tr273.3 + CC

  • min. Nominal load 50 kg

  • max. nominal load up to 150 kg

  • Web shock absorber under 6KN as maximum acting force

  • 2nd belay with Trilock carabiner

  • Ladder inclination between 75° and 103.5°

  • Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C

  • 2 year storage life

  • 10 years service life

  • RFID transponder 13.56 Mhh

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