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New: 15-year storage period under lock and key

For our abseiling and rescue equipment as well as evacuation equipment including additional equipment, the "storage period under lock and key in our SHE Rescue Barrel®" has been extended to a period of 15 years.

The extension of the storage period and the associated extension of the inspection date applies to all new equipment manufactured from 2024 onwards and to all equipment that is overhauled from 2024 onwards and whose textile components have been renewed.

Of course, the extension of the inspection intervals only applies to appliances that are stored welded and sealed. The necessary annual visual inspection to ensure that the SHE Rescue Barrel® and the seal are intact naturally remains unaffected by this.

The following information on the storage period must be taken into account:

  • Devices manufactured up to 2013 - 6 years storage period under lock and key

  • Devices from year of manufacture 2014 to 2023 - 10 years storage period under lock and key

  • Appliances manufactured from 2024 - 15 years storage period under lock and key

  • Appliances that are overhauled from 2024 and whose textile components are replaced - 15-year storage period under lock and key

By extending the 'locked-up' storage period and extending the inspection intervals, our customers can reduce their costs by more than 30%. A cost saving we are happy to offer.

The SHE Rescue Barrel® is the ideal solution for the protected and safe storage and transport of abseiling and rescue equipment or evacuation equipment with additional equipment.

Equipment stored in the SHE Rescue Barrel® is gas-, air-, water- and UV-tight. The annual inspection is limited to a visual inspection only, whereby the expert checks that the seal and the SHE Rescue Barrel® are in perfect condition.

Depending on the application, an easy-to-install holder, a special carrying system or a corresponding sling are available as accessories for the SHE Rescue Barrel®.

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