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Descender and rescue lift deviceSHE ExtremeLift-H

For those who prefer to turn a wheel.

We also offer a device with a handwheel (H) in the powerful SHE ExtremeClass series (300 metre height, 280 kg nominal load).

The SHE ExtremeLift-H is aimed at users who are used to handwheel operation or prefer handwheel operation to a ratchet. This makes the SHE ExtremeLift-H the ideal tool for those switching to a more powerful tool with handwheel operation.

However, the SHE ExtremeLift-H is not only a descender device with full EN 341 and ANSI/ASSE certification, but also a rescue lifting device. The lifting function makes it easy to lift a casualty over a short distance, release his lanyard and then lower him safely. A small but essential detail of the ExtremeLift-H comes into its own precisely at the moment when the casualty has been lifted and his lanyard needs to be released: The automatic retraction lock. The device does not have to be laboriously prevented from retracting by rope safety devices.

Thanks to the slim, optimised design of the device, rescue techniques such as accompanied rescue can also be used in lattice mast structures. It is therefore suitable for working on overhead power lines, construction power lines, cranes, trestle bridges, antenna structures and high-altitude wind turbines.

The SHE ExtremeLift-H has the usual SHE ExtremeClass device series values of 300 metres abseiling height with a nominal load of 280 kg. Only the nominal lifting load is reduced to a nominal lifting load of 200 kg due to the use of a handwheel.

Technical data

  • Approved for 2 persons

  • Minimum load 50 kg

  • Nominal load 280 kg

  • Max. abseiling height 300 metres

  • Nominal lifting load 200 kg

  • Automatic backstop

  • Descent spped 0,7 m/s

tested and approved

  • Descender according to EN 341:2011/A

  • Descender according to ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013

  • Rescue lifting device to EN 1496:2017/B

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