Certified SHE-Solution Partner: Safety Training Centre

We are pleased to announce a new "Certified SHE-Solution Partner" in Vietnam. The "Safetech Training Centre" of the "Southern Renewable and Green Energy Company Ltd." offers wind energy training courses according to the standards of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). 

As part of our "Train-the-Trainer" program, the instructors of the "Safetech Training Centre" were trained on the SHE-Solution rescue equipment. In addition to theoretical content, the training included extensive practical application exercises with the rescue equipment. The trainers are very well prepared to evaluate different rescue scenarios and to execute them with the equipment.

With the "Safetech Training Centre" we are pleased to have a certified SHE-Solution partner on board who can pass on the handling of our rescue equipment to users in an exemplary manner. The "Safetech Training Centre" offers training courses for the wind energy sector as well as general safety training courses and safety training courses for the oil and gas industry. Detailed information about the "Safetech Training Centre" can be found by clicking the button below.
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