New: Safety Certificate Constructor (SCC) Trainings

As SHE-Solution, we now also offer SCC training as part of our training programs. In addition to the proven occupational safety training courses according to the DGUV and GWO standards, you can have your personnel trained by us according to the SCC (Safety Certificate Contrators) certification system and tested by an accredited certification organi...

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Safety-relevant product recall: Climbtec CT-02 guided type fall arrester

In the course of our regular safety checks, it has become apparent that there may be situations of use in which the Climbtec CT-02 does not reliably lock and protect the user from falling in a dangerous situation. We ask you to proceed as in the attached letter and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. PDF Datei herunterladen


smart-ppe® - New: GlobalCMNet service. Expand: BasicNet service.

For the condition monitoring of rescue equipment on offshore wind turbines, we have adapted our smart-ppe® service to the special requirements at sea. With our GlobalCM-Net service, the prescribed annual inspections of rescue equipment are no longer required at sea. Rescue equipment is also continuously monitored at sea and deviations from target v...

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PSAREVISION - Digital management and documentation of products subject to mandatory testing.

Our new online tool PSAREVISION significantly simplifies the management and documentation of products subject to mandatory testing, such as PPE against falls from a height, and is easy to use. PSAREVISION can be used independently of products and manufacturers. All PPE components, rescue and height safety devices, fall arresters of all manufacturer...

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Climbtec CT-02 - Travelling fall arrester for LMB safety ladder systems

Climbing protection systems are used for ascending buildings, roofs, radio and high-voltage masts, chimneys or in wind turbines with permanently installed ascents (ladders). LMB safety ladders from Logaer Maschinenbau GmbH are often used, especially at very high places with limited space.  SHE-Solution has developed the new Climbtec CT-02 fall...

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smart-ppe® - the smart condition assessment

With our new service for condition monitoring of rescue equipment, we offer a "digital service" that enables WTG operators and manufacturers to always be in the picture about the current condition and location of the "second escape route". Our proprietary smart-ppe® condition monitoring service provides worldwide information on the location (GPS po...

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GWO 2022 certification successfully completed

We are pleased to inform you that SHE-Solution has successfully completed the renewed GWO Training Provider certification for fiscal year 2022, as in previous years. To ensure uniform and industry-wide standards for the training of wind turbine technicians, the Global Wind Organization (GWO) was founded as a non-profit organization by leading wind ...

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