New: Safety Certificate Constructor (SCC) Trainings

As SHE-Solution, we now also offer SCC training as part of our training programs.

In addition to the proven occupational safety training courses according to the DGUV and GWO standards, you can have your personnel trained by us according to the SCC (Safety Certificate Contrators) certification system and tested by an accredited certification organisation.

For the awarding of contracts to external companies (contractors), subcontractors or personnel service providers by large companies, for projects and/or industrial parks, the safety competence of the contractor represents an important aspect for the award of the contract. Accidents involving outside personnel not only mean a high level of complexity in terms of financial and legal issues, but also create a negative image for both the client and the contractor.

The SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) certification system was originally developed specifically for subcontractors in the chemical and mineral oil processing industries. It serves to prevent hazards by communicating relevant occupational safety, health and environmental protection aspects (SHE). In the meantime, the SCC certification system is one of the best-known sets of rules that integrates occupational health and safety into the health and environmental protection concept.

Against this background, certification of employees according to the SCC standard is an absolute necessity. We offer in this area

  • Certification training for managers (SCC regulations 017)
  • Certification training for operational employees (SCC regulations 018)

The examination takes place after the respective training by an accredited certification body for personnel according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024.

Our training courses provide your managers and employees with the SHE knowledge required by the regulations. As a company, these training courses for your employees not only enhance your image with regard to the topic of "occupational safety", but you also make an important contribution to the prevention of accidents involving your employees and managers.

For an overview of our SCC training courses, simply click on the button.
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