PSAREVISION - Digital management and documentation of products subject to mandatory testing.

Our new online tool PSAREVISION significantly simplifies the management and documentation of products subject to mandatory testing, such as PPE against falls from a height, and is easy to use. PSAREVISION can be used independently of products and manufacturers. All PPE components, rescue and height safety devices, fall arresters of all manufacturers and types can be managed and documented in compliance with regulations.


Of course, PSAREVISION is a database application at its core, but special emphasis was placed on optimizing the performance of the application, even with a large number of products subject to revision, while at the same time having everything necessary for a revision always available online. For this reason, three databases, each with a different focus, were combined here as a "composite system of databases" under one interface.
Manufacturer-specific test specifications, product manuals or similar documents can be stored in the "Manuals database" for the corresponding tests. Existing or newly created test reports as well as product images can be stored in the "Database Archive" to document the entire life cycle of the product. The "PSAREVISION database" is the core element and is used for the actual documentation of the revision test and the creation of the product-specific revision report.

PSAREVISION also offers some special features regarding the revision reports. With PSAREVSION, the audit reports are created "on-the-fly" as a PDF document. If the person authorized for the inspection or the expert has deposited his signature in the system, the complete report including signature and company stamp, if applicable, is generated.

For an overview of the functions of PSAREVISION click on the button. Currently only available in German language.

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